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Musings by Jess

Dec. 30th, 2005 | 01:36 pm
posted by: jessrose552 in thebostonhydra

I have been flying a lot lately and I noticed something. Airports have the privilege of experiencing us at our worst. We all like to think we are nice, kind, non-judgmental people. But friends, that is just not the case. At least not when flying. Scene: You are sitting in the airport, waiting at gate C24 for your flight that is was originally scheduled to leave half an hour ago, and is now scheduled to leave sometime in June '09. Sure, you look like you're just sitting there quietly penciling wrong numbers in your Sudoku, but what's REALLY going is not quite so innocent. I know the truth. I know you are JUDGING. You glance around your gate area and you wonder who the lucky chump who gets to sit next to you is. And you decide who you want it to be. First, you eliminate the double dippers. Those who give you way too many reasons to want to change seats. The kid across the row from you who is alternately screaming at his mom and wiping his ever running nose on his crusty sleeve. Old guy sitting two away from you sounds like he is going to hack up a small animal any minute now. And lady with an unnecessary amount of Burberry luggage who snaps at the meek little guy sitting next to her (you can only assume he is her husband) every time he so much as hiccups. check. Then you do a more general sweep, eliminating all the young children, sickies, and unusually corpulent folk. As you look over the scattered few that you have left, an attractive member of the opposite sex catches your eye. You smile. I'm going to sit next to HIM/HER you think. All is well. You grab your gigantic backpack and get in line when section 4 is called, excited for the opportunity the long ride ahead of you will give you to talk to mr./ms. hottie. You sit down and eagerly await the arrival of your neighbor. He sits down next to you and smiles sweetly. Then he wipes his runny nose on his sleeve and starts screaming at his mom again. Oh well, maybe on the return flight . . .

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Nov. 14th, 2005 | 09:31 pm
posted by: jessrose552 in thebostonhydra

Hey there. Welcome to our humble little publication. I'm Jess and I, uh, do some stuff around here. I probably won't be writing a whole lot (the other staffers far outshine me in that skill category), rather I'll take care of some of the behind the scenes stuff. This includes coming up with new ideas for columns, making sure we are semi organized (SIDE NOTE: I take full credit for the fact that as of yet, we are . . .well . . .NOT), trying to eventually figure out how to connect this publication with the fine establishment that is Northeastern University (sorry Alex, no "the" yet), and making sure we are all on the same page, literally and figuratively.

We really do hope this happy little bud blooms into a glorious literary flower. And one of the best ways we can make sure that happens is with some feedback! So feel free to comment like you've never commented before. We're always open to suggestions.

Signing off for now,


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Overheard Street Conversations, Volume One

Nov. 11th, 2005 | 08:50 pm
music: Imogen Heap - Daytime Robbery
posted by: thisisablackout in thebostonhydra

Location: Intersection of Mass Ave and Huntington
Comment Overheard: "I think Boston must be one of the top 5 windiest cities."
Commenter: Some guy (non-descript 20-something)

Parts of Boston are quite windy (especially Mass Ave. in that area), which isn't surprising given our proximity to the ocean. I just wonder if the low temperatures tend to exaggerate the effect of the wind. If the same wind was present in say, Miami, I doubt anyone would say it was one of the windiest cities in the country. But who knows? I assume Chicago must be in the top 5, given its nickname, but I can't really think of any other cities that are unusually windy. San Francisco was pretty windy at the top of some of the hills and out in the Bay, but not out of control by any means. If anyone has some expertise from their travels, leave a comment.

The story I invented in my head is that the other two people with the comment-sayer were his friends from out of town and he was bragging about how hardcore we are here. And everyone in Boston has done that at least once.

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Hey uhhh Hey Guys

Nov. 8th, 2005 | 08:49 pm
posted by: thisisablackout in thebostonhydra


Hello everyone! My name is Alex and I'm some kid. I suppose this is my "formal introduction/mini-bio" so let's go over the basics here:

1. I go to Northeastern University in Boston, and I firmly believe that we would be 45% more reputable if we changed the name to "The Northeastern University."
2. I major in Music Industry, which means that my class descriptions are along the lines of "wake up at 2:45 PM and go listen to some Neil Young records for an hour and a half. Later, go back home and sleep some more."
3. I play The Rock Guitar and sing The Rock Vocals in a Rock Band. You should know that, just in case I reference it at a later date (not so that you think I am cool).
4. Pretty much everything else about me is normal college student stuff, so go ahead and finish this off yourself: "I enjoy ___________ and _____________ and also sometimes to _________ _________. In the __________." Please be respectful.

Anyway, I am hopeful that we can turn this little jammy here into something that is fun to read and a reliable source of completely unreliable information about movies and video games and shit. As of now we don't have any real posting schedule, so be sure to check back periodically to see how things are shaping up. I personally have a couple of "pieces" in the works and will try to have them up by the end of the week. Also I will try to cajole Probable Staff Member Nick into getting one of these intro posts up here and hopefully getting up a real post online fairly soon as well. And not to mention Dan! He does things too. Hot stuff.

If you are unfamiliar with my experiences as a human being so far and wish to rid yourself of such a harrowing stigma, feel free to click on my username here and scan through the Page of Doom. I have been updating that sumbitch regularly for a while and I think you will really enjoy it, assuming you are into things like run-on sentences and also flagrantly incorrect capitalization. Also if you are taking the "ok I'm just gonna scroll through this garbage because nothing new is going on with Facebook and I need something to do besides this history paper" approach, watch out for a big ol' picture of my face all busted up. I guess it can catch people off guard, so careful now. Other than that it's pretty harmless. Ok.

Well stay tuned one and all! This is gonna be a good time, you just wait. Once again, make sure to stop by again either by or during this coming weekend as Actual Things should be up. So long boys and girls.

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The Boston Hydra - Supplement to Entry 1

Oct. 27th, 2005 | 08:44 pm
posted by: thisisablackout in thebostonhydra

Alex's Page of Doom has been around long before there was a Hydra, and
we're proud to take it under the Hydra umbrella. Regular readers find
themselves waiting anxiously for the next update and generally being
unable to sleep or digest things until he updates it. Until we get more
Hydra content up, I highly recommend trawling through the POD archives,
as they are all quite funny. Except for the one with pictures of Alex
in the hospital. That one was more horrifying than funny. But besides
that. So here it is, the POD: amg133.

Recent favorites of mine include the Newt Adventure.

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The Boston Hydra - Update 1 - 10/27/05

Oct. 27th, 2005 | 12:41 am
music: My Sleep Playlist
posted by: thisisablackout in thebostonhydra

Welcome one and all to the temporary/initial home of the Boston Hydra. We know, we know - livejournals, so lame. But they're only lame when they're abused. LJ itself is actually a pretty hip site, and it will serve our purposes (and porpoises) just fine for now. As our little publication grows (becomes engorged, perhaps?), we will eventually have a print edition, but that's probably coming in September 2006. For now, this is our space on the Web. We may get our own domain at some point - we'll keep you posted on that.

As stated in our group description, we bring you media reviews, personal stories, news and other random information from the heart of Boston, all spiked with our unique brand of humor. We are reasonably confident you'll enjoy it. If you don't, you should go make a sandwich and put it in your mouth. Or, alternatively, e-mail us at thebostonhydra@gmail.com. Either way we're fine with it.

Alright, I think an introduction is in order. My name is Dan. I'm 19 and currently taking some time off from college... except the version of that where you're not secretly saying "I fucked up so now I'm on Plan B." I'm way past Plan B. Just like the 2005 hurricane season, I ran out of the alphabet. I feel like that could be a rap lyric, if mangled properly.

My fellow Hydra staffers Alex, Jess and Laura will be posting their mini-bios and introductions within the week, so stay tuned. We'll also have some regular spots up and running in the near future.

All entries are open to your comments, but try to keep them PG-13 (swears are okay, but use common sense). No spamming or other abuse please. We want to be writers, not moderators.

That's all for now. Jess would like to leave you with one final thought, and that is: "Awesome Sauce."

Awesome sauce indeed, Jess. Awesome sauce indeed.


PS: If anyone is awesome at hacking about with LJ styles and wants to help us out, drop us a comment.

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